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ATI PN Fundamentals 2019 Exam Review ATI PN Fundamentals 2019 Exam Review What are the 3 stages of stress reaction that make up the General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS)? - 1) alarm reaction; ... 2) resistance stage; 3) exhaustion stage What happens during the alarm reaction? - body functions are heightened to respond to stressors; - hormones are released -- which cause elevated BP and heart rate, heightened mental alertness, increased secretion of epinephrine and norepinephrine, and increased blood flow to muscles What happens during the resistance stage? - body functions normalize while responding to the stressor; - body attempts to cope w/the stressor and return to homeostasis What happens during the exhaustion stage? - body functions are no longer able to maintain a response to the stressor; - the end of this stage results in recovery or death What is a role conflict? - develops when a person must assume opposing roles with incompatible expectations; - conflict may be interpersonal [e.g., when parents expect adolescents to participate in sports and perform household tasks]; or - inter-role [e.g., when a mother wants to stay at home with her infant, but family finances require her to work] What is a sick role? - expectations of others and society regarding how one should behave when sick [e.g., caring for self and continuing to provide childcare to grandchildren] [Show More]

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