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NR 222/ NR222 PRACTICE QUIZ (questions and answers!!)

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1 .A male client is admitted to the hospital with blunt chest trauma after motor vehicle accident. The first nursing priority for this client would be to: A. Provide pain relief B. Assess the clie... nt’s airway (assessment before anything else) C. Encourage deep breathing and coughing D. Splint the chest wall with a pillow 2. A client is struggling to explore and solve a problem. Which nursing statement would verbalize the implication of the client’s actions? A. You seem to be motivated to change your behavior. (encouragement is therapeutic) B. Why don't you make a list of the behaviors you need to change? No why questions C. The team recommends that you make only one behavioral change at a time. D. How will these changes affect your family relationships? 4. Which nursing statement is a good example of the therapeutic communication technique of focusing? A. “I’m having a difficult time understanding what you mean.” This is not focusing. B. Describe some of the best things that happened to you this week.” Some does not mean focusing C. Describe one of the best things that happened to you this week.” Not focusing, this is open ended question This study source was downloaded by 100000770861734 from on 06-24-2021 16:35:26 GMT -05:00 This study resource was shared via D. “You mentioned your relationship with your father. Do you wish to explore that further.” 5. After fasting from 10 p.m. the previous evening, a client finds out that the blood test has been canceled. The client swears at the nurse and states, “You are incompetent!” Which is the nurse’s best response? A. “I see that you are upset, but I feel uncomfortable when you swear at me.” Acknowledge his feelings but also lay down boundaries. B. Why do you think I am the cause of your blood test being cancelled? C. “I'll give you some space. Let me know if you need anything.” D. Have you ever considered about ways to express anger appropriately? 6. A client states, “You won’t believe what my husband said to me during visiting hours. He has no right treating me that way.” Which nursing response would best assess the situation that occurred? A. “Why do you think he behaved like that?” B. Does your husband treat you like this very often? C. “What do you think is your role in this relationship?” D. Are you comfortable sharing what happened during you time with your husband [Show More]

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