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Primary dietary prescription for calcium nephrolithiasis (kidney stones) ? PG. 85 For client with nephrolithiasis the diet should be ___ ash If kidney stone is calcium phosphate the diet must be... low in ___ too Primary diet tx for uric acid nephrolithiasis is __ ____ Client with uric acid nephrolithiasis should have a diet low in ____ What is methionine? 2 foods high in methionine? Clients with cystine nephrolithiasis should have an ____ ash diet Inc. fluids over 3000 cc /day is more effective in treating renal calculi than ANY dietary modification, T/F? What is the common name for Laryngotracheobronchitis - LTB What is the typical temp elevation in croup? Are ATBs helpful for croup? For epiglottits? Is croup viral or bacterial? With which condition is croup most often confused? Can croup be managed at home? Can epiglottitis be managed at home? Are sedatives used for kids with croup? What causes epiglottitis? A virus or bacteria? What is the best tx for croup? What should never be done to a child with epiglottitis? What are the typical signs and symptoms of croup? What 3 signs tell you that the child has epiglottitis instead of croup? When is croup bad enough to be evaluated by a doc? What lead level needs intervention? With which class of drugs will a child with lead poisoning be treated? What do chelating drugs do? The most freq. cause of lead poisoning is... Name 3 common chelating agents for lead poisoning S&S of lead poisoning Sx of lead poisoning show up in the ____ system Leukemia is cancer of the ___ forming tissues The type of cell that is most common and problematic in leukemia is ____ In leukemia the RBC count is ... In leukemia, the platelet count is ... Bc the RBCs are low, the pt will exhibit ___ and ___ Bc of the immature WBCs, the pt is at risk for ___ Bc of low platelets, the pt is at risk for ___, ___, and ___ What causes lymph gland enlargement in leukemia? Should you take a rectal temp on a child with leukemia? Should you take an oral temp on a child with leukemia? Should the child with active leukemia use straws, forks, cups? [Show More]

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