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Module 1 Quiz: Comparisons, Cooperation, and Competition Quiz, 10 questions Question 1 1 point 1. Question 1 Peter, Angela, and Opie work together at the Pawtucket Brewery. They worked closely a... s a team to promote Pawtucket new craft beer. They started working at Pawtucket the same year and they often socialize together. At the end of the year, Opie was selected as the employee of the month. Peter has really worked hard and had hoped to be promoted. When he compares his position to Opies, he makes a(n): Upward social comparison. Downward internal comparison. Downward social comparison. Upward internal comparison. Question 2 1 point 2. Question 2 In the latest marketing campaign for Pawtucket’s craft beer, Bonanza Brew, demand far exceeded supply. In fact, at most bars, Bonanza Brew sold out quickly and at others it had to be rationed. This further increased demand for Bonanza Brew. This is a classic example of: Scarcity. Social cooperation.Dynamic instability. Social competition. Question 3 1 point 3. Question 3 Suppose that Peter cares deeply about his career and also loves to write poetry. He does not like gardening. Opie cares deeply about her career and is an avid gardener, but does not like poetry. Which of the following is an example of impactful comparisons that are likely to be intense? Opie comparing her gardening accomplishments to Peter’s advancement in the company. Peter comparing his poetry accomplishments to Opie’s gardening accomplishments. Peter comparing his advancement in the company to Opie’s advancement. Peter comparing his poetry accomplishments to Opie’s lack of interest in poetry. [Show More]

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