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Assignment 3: Not All Companies Are Viewed as Equal 1 Not All Companies Are Viewed as Equal Assignment 3 Student: Lashanda Gross Professor: Laina Molaski BUS 309: Business Ethics Date: 05/12/201... 9  In the land of free trade, the public does not view all industries as equal. Do you believe that is ethical? Do you believe that some industries are unfairly targeted? Should it be consumers’ choice to partake in products that are not healthy for them, or do those companies have an ethical obligation to protect people? In this assignment, you will choose from one (1) of the following industries to write about:  The pharmaceutical industry  The payday loan industry  Cloning for medical purposes The pharmaceutical industry Every one of the ventures have various types of things or administrations that offer purchasers the capacity to pick your enjoying. Which is fine on the grounds that each individual has the opportunity to buy items generally liked. The issue dependably lies in the way of life of overabundance; all we need to do is devour sure items which in sums can undermine our respectability. Nevertheless, I think the pharmaceutical industry is bad for the most part because of most medication that are prescribed to consumers. I feel the medication doesn’t work some of the time and they just prescribe whatever they think is best for you based off hear say. I also feel that the pharmaceutical industry is around to make money for the most part. I feel that this industry is partially evil because of the medication given with side effects, deadly treatments, and having a cure for cancer and other diseases, but will not reveal it beacause the industry won’t make a lot of money any more. Become an advocate for either the consumer or the industry. Prepare an argument explaining the major reasons why you support either the consumer or the industry. I am an advocate for consumers pertaining to the pharmaceutical industry. However, I do believe that physician endorsed medications and restorative gadgets can accompany undesirable [Show More]

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