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Strayer University, Virginia Beach BUS 309 Not All Companies Are Viewed As Equal-REVIEWED AND EDITED BT EXPERTS 2021

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Running head: Not All Companies Are Viewed As Equal Not All Companies Are Viewed As Equal Strayer University Not All Companies Are Viewed As Equal 2 Assignment 1 Become an advocate for either t... he consumer or the industry. Prepare an argument explaining the major reasons why you support either the consumer or the industry. Not all industries are viewed equally, as some industries happen to be harmful to their consumers. The tobacco industry is one such industry and continues to be a menace to the populace with their addictive products on to which people get hooked and have difficulty getting off it. Even though there is argument that the consumer should be held responsible for their decisions, this would not be fair as far as the tobacco industry is concerned. The tobacco industry goes out of their way to entice people into the habit of using tobacco related products; deception included is the image in Stanford Research presents (Stanford Research, 2015 [Show More]

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