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University of the People BUS 5910 U5-WA Science Construction PLC-REVIEWED BY EXPERTS 2021

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Improvement Project: Insolvency Measurements Case Study of Science Construction PLC University of the People Bus 5910- Unit 5 Written Assignment Professor Dr. Graciela Chanfrau Running Head: SC... IENCE CONSTRUCTION Description of Case/Background: In this case study we are looking into company of Science Construction PLC that is responsible for design, project development, equipment provision, project financing and contracting services for highways, roads, tunnels and viaducts; where their headquarters are located in Istanbul [ CITATION Mer13 \l 1033 ]. According to Erer (2013), the current status of this company is insolvent and the Turkish Execution and Bankruptcy Code grants insolvent companies the ability to apply to the court with a proposal for restructuring and improving the financial state of the organization. In doing this, if the court deem that the project is meaningful and advantageous by the judicial experts, then they are granted continuance of operation to prevent bankruptcy. The bankruptcy would be held off for one year. Science of Construction PLC (SC PLC) do have vital customers that are Istanbul, Ankara, Ismir, Bursa, Kocaeli Metropolitan Authorities and the General Directorate of Highways [ CITATION Mer13 \l 1033 ]. The business of this company is to sell asphalt to the customers and under their instruction/guidance, pace the roads. Erer (2013) depicts that even though the company is in a financial rut, they have three valid professional licenses. Such as a license to remove equipment, quality management system and OHSAS for occupational health and safety management standards. Identification of the Problem/Supportive Financial Metrics: There were some issues with the SC PLC resulted from the ongoing financial crisis where the onset was in 2008; where the economy the demands decreased tremendously posing hinderances [ CITATION Mer13 \l 1033 ]. These problems with maintaining profitability, [Show More]

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