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University of the People BUS 5910 Discussion Assignment - Managment Capstone - Unit 5-reviewed by experts 2020

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Introduction Operation management is the design, operation, and improvement of production systems in order to deliver the firm’s goods and services. In this discussion assignment, I have explored ... the Beothic Fish Processor Ltd’s case study. I have identified its problem and diagnosed its causes. I have made my recommendations on how to reorganize the production plant’s floor plan. I have evaluated the metrics to plan effective floor plan reorganization. Finally, I have pointed out the importance of the case study in business. Description of the Case Beothic Fish Processor Ltd. (Beothic) has begun its operation in 1967. It is the largest processor of pelagic fish species in Newfoundland and Labrador. By 1989, capelin was a major contributor to Beothic’s overall profitability. According to the General Manager, in order to be successful, Beothic must offer competitive prices by keeping the production cost as low as possible [ CITATION Way93 \l 1033 ]. Root Problem Production management deals with the effective and efficient management of a product/service’s transformation process. As it is indicated in the case, production costs are a function of production efficiency [ CITATION Way93 \l 1033 ]. Although Beothic is the largest processor of pelagic fish species in Newfoundland and Labrador, in order to offer competitive prices, the General Manager has found it important to improve the current production system. The case has also indicated that the material flow was not constant and smooth as well. Therefore, the root problem arises from reorganizing the floor plan of the plant [Show More]

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