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Taylor Libby Paying Attention Pays Off for Andra Rush 1. Q: As we have discussed, competency models describe the behaviors and skills managers need to exhibit if an organization is to be successful... . Consider the general competencies found in Figure 7.3 and apply these to Andra Rush, providing examples of how these competencies apply.  Personal drive which is the ability to demonstrate urgency in meeting objectives and achieving results; and the ability to pursue aggressive goals and achieve them. Rush took it upon herself to enroll in an MBA program in order to help change and improve the conditions her fellow nurses when she heard about the complaints of their unfair working conditions.  Driving change which is challenging the status quo and looking for ways to improve team or organizational performance; and champions new initiatives and stimulates others to make changes. She challenged the status quo by entering a predominately white and male dominated trucking industry because she was a woman and a minority. She also employed many woman and minorities to her business which challenged the status quo too.  Analyzing problems and making decisions allowed her to effectively analyze issues ad ake sound, logical business decisions in a timely manner. When terrorist attack happened in 2001, and shut down local bridges, Andra rented a barge to make sure her shipment for Diamler Chrysler made it to its destination on time.  Customer focus maintains a clear focus on customer’s needs and delivered great customer service. You can also notice this in the terrorist attack that happened in 2001 when she still managed to deliver her shipment to DaimlerChrysler on time. Andra paid attention to her customers and made a point of exceeding their expectations regardless of the circumstances.  Planning and organizing establishes clear goals and action plans, and organizes resources to achieve business outcomes. When no one was available to drive a truck to a destination, she would often drive the truck herself to get the job done.  Financial and technical savvy demonstrates strong technical and financial knowledge when resolving customer, operational, or financial problems. For the first few years of running her business, Andra saved money by performing different jobs within her company.  Adaptability allows for her to adapt and adjust to changes and challenges while maintaining a positive outlook and works constructively under pressure. Even when she was building her new trucking business, she didn’t have enough money yet to employ the right workers and she took over those positions with adaptation and calmness in order to keep her business afloat and running smoothly. 2. How does the leadership Pipeline apply to Andrea Rush? [Show More]

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