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ATI - Predictor 2K16>Xerostomia, what is it & how do you treat it = feeling of oral dryness-treat w/ sugarless candy or gum Labs to check for pernicious anemia = B12 Contraindication for the use... of combination oral contraceptives = HYPERtension (↑ BP) Sign of mild anxiety = Extreme focus What is remote memory loss = Inability to remember things from YEARS ago Heart failure dietary teaching = Low sodium & fluid restriction Diverticulitis dietary teaching = Low fiber Diverticulosis dietary teaching = High fiber IBS dietary teaching = High fiber Urine Culture on baby = straight catheter Parents are nervous about how their 3-year-old will act when newborn arrives. What can they do = Provide gift from the infant to the sibling Methylprednisolone sodium succinate lab to watch for? Serum glucose (because glucocorticoids cause hyperglycemia) At 14 weeks' gestation, what should the patient report to the MD = Swelling of the face (sign of preeclampsia) A patient is 14 weeks pregnant, where do you check to find the FHR = below the pubs symphysis area. Change of shift report should include = The blood lost Patient teaching for colostomy care = patient doesn't need to change the bag every day (only needs to be changed every 4-7 days) Scoliosis manifestation = Lateral curvature of the spin & asymmetrical hips/ribs Lab values that are elevated for Cushing's disease = ↑ Cortisol, ↑sodium, ↑ glucose Cushing disease Sx: Moon face Administering medications through an NG tube = * Administer meds separately * DO NOT mix with enteral feedings * Dissolve crushed tablets in 15-30mL of water * Flush tubing before & after each medication with 10-30mL of water Tobramycin adverse reaction = Ototoxicity (hearing damage & loss of balance) & Cloudy/bloody urine (nephrotoxicity Anorexia expected finding = pre-albumin 10 (normal is 3.5-5) Amniocentesis patient teaching = empty bladder before the procedure (S/E: can cause contractions) Expected finding during cardiac catheterization = Patient will feel warmth and flushed when dye is inserted Retinoblastoma = white eye reflex What action should you instruct the patient to do prior to postural drainage? Administer a bronchodilator or nebulizer prior to treatment, postural drainage should be done 1 hour before meals or two hours after meals (perform twice daily) IV phlebitis =Discontinue IV & apply a warm/moist compress [Show More]

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