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ASL 101 Signing Naturally Unit 5 Complete Solution Download to Pass Already Graded A

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ASL 101 Signing Naturally Unit 5 Complete Solution 100% Correct Answers | ASL 101 Signing Naturally Unit 5 Complete Solution Graded A | 5:1 Watch video. Minidialogues(Page 236) Minidialogue 1 1. What ... does Michelle ask David? What activity did he do yesterday? 2. What does David say he did and didn’t do? Explain. He watched TV. He didn’t go to class because he was sick. 3. How is David doing now? He’s okay. Minidialogue 2 1. What does Tyrone ask Ben? What is Ben’s response? When did you go to the grocery store.? He said tomorrow. 2. What does Tyrone remind Ben to get? To get milk. 3. What is Ben doing now? Going to the library with friends to practice ASL. 4. Why doesn’t Tyrone want to go with Ben? He’s going to his uncles to help with homework. Minidialogue 3 1. What does Cinnie ask Joey? What is Joey’s response? When did he go to church? He went on Sunday. 2. Why is Jack’s name brought up? Cinnie asked if joey saw him at church. 3. How is Jack related to Cinnie? Brother-in-law 4. What does Jack look like? Tall, brown hair, big glasses 5:2 Watch video. Skit (page 243) Circle Answer Skit 1 A or B Skit 2 A or B Skit 3 A or B 5:3 Watch video. Write the names (page 244) 1.____Grady____________________ 2.____cheryl____________________ 3.____hannah____________________ 4.____sarah____________________ 5._____khan___________________ 6.________guy________________ 7._______sage_________________ 8._____henry___________________ 9._____griffin___________________ 10.____gloria____________________ 5:4 Watch video. Minidialogues(Page 247) Minidialogue 1 Description Owner Dog#1 Large with a white body. With a brown spot. Daughters Dog. Dog#2 Medium dog with redish/brown body. Her friends Dog. Dog#3 Small dog with black spots. Her dog. Minidialogue 2 1. Tell about the two cars Norman and his partner bought recently. Norman’s car: 1 year old, 4 seats, big, green, has cup holders, Partner’s car: New, blue, small, 2 seats, has a stick shift. Minidialogue 3 1. Write down the information given about each of the four cups discussed. Whose cup? How did they get the cup? Cup#1____Daughters cup__ They bought it when she graduated from Gallaudet Cup#2____moms cup _________ Her friends bought it for her for her birthday. Cup#3___Dads cup__________ His brother bought it for him. Cup#4______her cup_________ She bought it at the store. DID YOU REALIZE? 1. What Deaf baseball player influenced the game of baseball? William Ellsworth Hoy. 2. What was happening that influence the game of baseball? He brought hand signals to the game of baseball. He had his third base coach use hand signals to show the pitch count. 3. What time period did this occur? In the late 1800s 4. Is this still going on today? Yes. 5:5 Watch Videos Minidialogues(Page 250) Minidialogue 1 1. What does Norman ask Melinda? Did you finish eating at the restaurant over there? 2. What do Norman and Melinda agree to do? They go to eat tomorrow and Norman is paying. Minidialogue 2 1. Why does Iva point out the man with the green shirt? He knows ASL. 2. What are Iva and Prsicilla going to do? They are going to meet him now. Minidialogue 3 1. What does Ben ask David about? If he finished his homework. 2. What does Ben ask David to do? If David can give him his homework. 3. What does David suggest? Get the homework from jane. Minidialogue 4 1. What does Joey ask Cinnie about? If she finished her book at the library. 2. What does Joey offer to do for Cinnie? To take back the books. 3. Why does Cinnie decline the offer? Because she hasn’t finished 3 yet. 4. When are the books due? In one month. 5:6 Watch Videos First and Second (page 253) *Follow the pictures in the book Example _____BEN 2______ ______IVA 2____ ____IVA 1_________ ______BEN 1________ 1. ____BEN2___________ ___IVA2_______ _____IVA1_____ __BEN1____ 2. ___IVA1____ _________BEN1_________ ____IVA2___ ____BEN2__________ 3. ______BEN2___ ________IVA1__ ____BEN1______ ______IVA2________ 4. ____BEN2___________ ___BEN1_____ ___IVA2____ _____IVA1_________ 5. _____IVA1_____ __BEN1___________ ___BEN2________ _____IVA2_________ 6. ____BEN2_______ ____BEN1______ ____IVA2________ _____IVA1_________ 7. ___BEN2____________ ______IVA1____________ ___BEN1_______ ____IVA2____ 8. ___IVA2____________ ____BEN2_________ ___BEN1____ ___IVA1___________ 9. ____BEN2___________ ___IVA2________ ______BEN1___ ___IVA1____ Page 257 Activity. 1.__5___ 2.__3___ 3.__5___ 4.___1__ 5.___2_ 6.__1___ 7.__1___ 8.__1___ 9.__3____ 10.__2___ 5:7 Watch Video WHO ACTIVITY CALENDAR(how often 1. Phillip Paying house bills Everyday 2. Holly Studies at library 3 times a week 3. Grace Pays bill 1 time a month 4. Gayle Makes coffee Never 5. Doug Buys food Once a week 6. henry Watch TV Twice a week 7. Hannah Does laundry Twice a month 8. Gloria Gets gas 3 times a month 5:8 Watch Video *no assignment due for this section* 5:9 Watch Video Write the word 1(page 274) 1.____couch___________ 2. ______vest____________ 3. ___size_______________ 4.____puppy______________ 5. ____Juliet______________ 6. _____Tee_____________ 7. ____xray______________ 8. _____prize_____________ 9. _____junk_____________ 10. ______gift____________ 11. _____bag_____________ 12. _____bills_____________ Write the word 2 1.____tv______________ 2. ______ham____________ 3. _____ice_____________ 4.______gas____________ 5. ____again______________ 6. ____fax______________ 7. _____van_____________ 8. ____bag______________ 9. _____dork_____________ 10. ______twin____________ 11. _____honey_____________ 12. _____bus_____________ 13. _______table___________ 14._____dirty_____________ 15. ______cat____________ 16. _______park___________ DID YOU REALIZE? 1. What once existed in America? Signing villages 2. Where is Martha’s Vineyard located? [Show More]

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