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Forensics Lab Who killed Barry? As you play the game make sure to answer the questions below. Make sure to spend lots of time clicking around. You will... find clues (white circles), witnesses (red circles), and items called “Red Herrings” which are just items and not clues (also white circles). You will also need to interrogate the witnesses. Each Witness has a section below for you to write what you interrogated them on. You do not need to go in any particular order as long as you get them all. Please write on the Doc in different colors, do not use black. Background Witness Name Information Learned Connection to suspect Why are they a suspect? Can they be ruled out as the killer? Why? Honor Shift Andy’s girlfriend Barry’s exgirlfriend They were happy to find Barry dead. Yes, she could not have caused the large gash on the body. Alexandra Dock John Dory bought a new axe from the Ironmonger. She heard a splash while she was heading home. Barry’s girlfriend They had connections with Barry and were near the crime scene at the time. Yes, if she heard a splash, she obviously did not cause it. The splash being the loud gash of the axe against Barry’s chest. Goldie Crumm Claims to have seen Tim with Barry at various locations violently threatening him. Saw John Dory buying a new axe. She used to date Barry. She was present during the violent encounters that Barry and Tim were engaging in. Yes, she dated him once but dumped him and had no means or possibility to kill him. Ava Nother Claims to have seen Barry walking with Tim and Sly past the coffee shop. Knows nothing about Barry, only knows his facial appearance. Yes, she was working at the time of the murder [Show More]

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