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POLI 330N Week 8 - Final Exam With Answers

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Question. (TCO 1) Historians and political scientists are different because historians _____ and political scientists _____. Question. (TCO 1) Which are both true for most politicians? Question. (TC... O 1) When people base their views on beliefs that may not be based in reality, they are behaving _____. Question. (TCO 1) Which of the following best exemplifies sovereignty? Question. (TCO 1) The notion that we acknowledge the rightful roles of our leaders or our laws is known as _____. Question. (TCO 1) Relating concepts in a way that connects them in an empirical manner is the basis of _____ building. Question. (TCO 1) The term for measuring with numbers is _____. Question. (TCO 4) The English common law stressed the rights of free and equal men and was developed on the basis of precedent set by earlier judges, known today as _____. Question. (TCO 4) Under which of the following circumstances might a case be pursued as both a criminal and a civil case? Question. (TCO 4) Describe the significance of Marbury v. Madison. Question. (TCO 4) Who nominates and approves federal judges in the U.S. court system? Question. (TCO 4) When was judicial review granted to the Supreme Court within the United States? Question. (TCO 4) Examine the ideal role of American judges. Question. (TCO 4) The Supreme Court’s decision in _____ (1954) triggered a revolution in American race relations, an area Congress had been unwilling to touch. Question. (TCO 5) Why do the responsibilities of legislative and executive powers often overlap? Question. (TCO 5) How often does the cabinet change in a parliamentary system? Question. (TCO 5) Voters receive the most direct representation in which system? Question. (TCO 5) Each division of government in a parliamentary system is headed by a _____. Page 2 [Show More]

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