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POLI 330N Week 8 - Final Exam With Answers

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Question: (TCO 1) Which of the following would be considered a totalitarian political system? Question: (TCO 1) Which form totalitarian system currently features a hybrid known as "state capitalism"?... Question: (TCO 1) What government agency promotes and preserves media competition in the United States? Question: (TCO 1) What is the most popular form of media worldwide today? Question: (TCO 1) Which term is used to describe the ability to get others to want what you want? Question: (TCO 1) In the changing world of television media, what has suffered most? Question: (TCO 5) Who serves as Britain’s Head of State? Question: (TCO 5) To join the European Union, what must a country prove? Question: (TCO 5) What is the main difference between the U.S. and U.K. judicial systems? Question: (TCO 2) Least developed countries have all of the following problems in common EXCEPT Question: (TCO 2) What is the most basic -- but often most challenging -- aspect of nation-building? Question: (TCO 3) What did eighteenth-century British writer and legislator Edmund Burke believe? Question: (TCO 3) What is the most important tool for interest groups seeking to change or influence public policy? Question: (TCO 3) What event ended -- albeit briefly -- the long-term trend of political apathy in the U.S.? Question: (TCO 3) A good leader should have all of the following traits EXCEPT Question: (TCO 3) What is a major criticism of the winner-take-all electoral system? Question: (TCO 4) What protects citizens in the U.S. against the [Show More]

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