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UWorld Medical-Surgical Nursing Basic Care & Comfort/Pain Management Alzheimer's Disease – Eating Problems Test Id: 52084841 Question Id: 32803 (729561) 8 of 20 A A A ... The nurse is providing care for a client with Alzheimer disease who often becomes angry and agitated 20 minutes or more after eating. The client accuses the nurse of not providing food, saying, "I'm hungry. You didn't feed me." The nurse should take which action? Unordered Options Ordered Response Cardiovascular Abdominal Aneurysm Repair - Immediate Follow-Up Test Id: 52050973 Question Id: 33389 (729561) 1 of 20 A A A The nurse cares for a client who had an abdominal aortic aneurysm repair 6 hours ago. Which assessment would require immediate follow-up? Unordered Options Ordered Response . Cardiovascular Bradycardia Test Id: 52050973 Question Id: 30627 (729561) 2 of 20 A A A The nurse has just administered a dose of 0.5 mg atropine to a client with a heart rate of 48/min and blood pressure of 90/62 mmHg. Which rhythm strip would indicate that the medication achieved the desired outcome? Unordered Options Ordered Response Urinary/Renal Cystoscopy Post Procedure Client Teaching Test Id: 52050973 Question Id: 32111 (729561) 3 of 20 A A A The nurse provides post-procedure teaching for a female client who had a cystoscopy as an outpatient. Which client statement indicates the need for additional instruction? Unordered Options Ordered Response . Cardiovascular Hypomagnesemia Dysrhthmia Test Id: 52050973 Question Id: 31884 (729561) 4 of 20 A A A A client with heart failure is started on furosemide. The laboratory results are shown in the exhibit. The nurse is most concerned about which condition? Click on the exhibit button for additional information. Unordered Options Ordered Response Copyright © UWorld. All rights reserved. Respiratory Advance Directives - Care Plan Test Id: 52050973 Question Id: 31083 (729561) 5 of 20 A A A An elderly client with oxygen-dependent chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is admitted for pneumonia. The client is do not resuscitate, and the nurse is concerned that the client will soon develop respiratory failure as breathing is becoming shallow and the client is looking exhausted. Which is the most appropriate intervention to include in the plan of care? Unordered Options Ordered Response Cardiovascular Cardiac Arrest Test Id: 52050973 Question Id: 30086 (729561) 6 of 20 A A A The nurse is assessing a 70-year-old client with a long history of type 2 diabetes mellitus for sudden, severe nausea, diaphoresis, dizziness, and fatigue in the emergency department. Which hospital protocol would be the most appropriate to follow initially? Unordered Options Ordered Response [Show More]

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