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UWorld Pharmacology The community health nurse prepares a teaching plan for a client with latent tuberculosis who is prescribed oral isoniazid (INH). Which instructions should the nurse include? Se... lect all that apply. In which scenarios should the nurse hold the prescribed medication and question its administration? Select all that apply. A client with gout who was started on allopurinol a week ago calls the health care provider's (HCP's) office with several concerns. The nurse should recognize which report by the client as being significant and requiring immediate follow-up? Unordered Options Ordered Response A client diagnosed with trichomonal vaginal infection (trichomoniasis) is prescribed metronidazole. Which of the following is essential for the nurse to teach? Select all that apply. Unordered Options Ordered Response A male client with hypertension was prescribed amlodipine. Which of these adverse effects is most important to teach the client to watch for? Unordered Options Ordered Response During shift report it was noted that the off-going nurse had given the client a PRN dose of morphine 2 mg every 2 hours for incisional pain. What current client assessment would most likely affect the oncoming nurse's decision to discontinue the administration every 2 hours? Unordered Options Ordered Response A client with deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is receiving a continuous infusion of unfractionated heparin. The client asks the nurse what the heparin is for. How should the nurse respond? Unordered Options Ordered Response An elderly client is prescribed codeine for a severe cough. The home health nurse teaches the client how to prevent the common adverse effects associated with codeine. Which client statements indicate an understanding of how to prevent them? Select all that apply. Unordered Options Ordered Response A client is being discharged after having a stent placed in the left anterior descending coronary artery. The client is prescribed clopidogrel. Which client data obtained by the nurse would be concerning in relation to this new medication? Select all that apply. Unordered Options Ordered Response A client with a history of degenerative arthritis is being discharged home following exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). After reviewing the discharge medications, the nurse should educate the client about which topics? Select all that apply. Click on the exhibit button for additional information. Discharge Medications Discharge medications Albuterol: 2 puffs, every 4-6 hours as needed Prednisone: 40 mg orally, daily Naproxen: 220 mg orally, twice daily Tiotropium: 1 capsule inhaled, daily A client has nausea, abdominal cramping, and persistent mucus-like, watery diarrhea that is positive for Clostridium difficile. The nurse anticipates the client will be prescribed which medication to treat this condition? Unordered Options Ordered Response . A client is receiving lithium carbonate 900 mg/day for a schizoaffective disorder. The laboratory notifies the nurse that the client's lithium level is 1.0 mEq/L (1.0 mmol/L). Based on this result, which prescription does the nurse anticipate receiving from the health care provider? Unordered Options Ordered Response [Show More]

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