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Five Werewolf Folktales

1. The She-Wolf (Croatia) There was an enchanted mill, so that no one could stay there, because a she-wolf always haunted it. A soldier went once into the mill to sleep. He made a fire in the parlor,... went up into the garret above, bored a hole with an auger in the floor, and peeped down into the parlor. 2. The Werewolf's Daughter (Slovakia) There was once a father who had nine daughters, and they were all marriageable, but the youngest was the most beautiful. The father was a werewolf. One day it came into his head, "What is the good of having to support so many girls?" So he determined to put them all out of the way. 3. The Werewolf of Husby (Germany) In Hüsby near Schleswig there lived an old, stingy woman. She offered her farm hands but little to eat, although there was fresh meat every Sunday. The household wondered about this, because the old woman never bought any meat. A young farm hand wanted to discover the woman's trick, so one day he hid himself in the hayloft instead of going to church with the rest of the household. Suddenly he noticed how the woman pulled out a wolf strap and put it around herself. She immediately became a wolf, ran out into the field, and soon came back with a sheep. 4. Fox Hill (Germany). In the village of Dodow near Wittenburg there lived an old woman who possessed a fox strap. With its help she could transform herself into a fox, and thus her table never lacked for geese, ducks, and all kinds of poultry. Her grandchild knew about it, and one day when the schoolmaster was talking about magic in the school, the child told about the fox strap, and the next day brought it to school. 5. The Werewolf (Estonia) One summer a man and his wife were sitting at the edge of the swamp near a pile of hay and having breakfast. A wolf drew near the pile and, like a puppy, wagged its tail but kept looking at the loaf of bread the two were eating. The man thought: “I'll hit him on the head with my scythe!” - and looked at his scythe. But then he thought - “What good will it do me?” - and changed his mind. Instead, he took a small carving knife and, using the end of it, handed the wolf a piece of bread. The wolf grabbed both the bread and the knife and disappeared into the forest. [Show More]

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