Anthropology > Book > Perkowski, Jan L. “A RECENT VAMPIRE DEATH” in Perkowsky, Jan. Vampires of the Slavs. Cambridge,  (All)

Perkowski, Jan L. “A RECENT VAMPIRE DEATH” in Perkowsky, Jan. Vampires of the Slavs. Cambridge, MA: Slavica, 1976. pp 217-221.

A. OUTLINE Thus far there has not appeared a definitive analysis of the Slavic folkloric vampire. Those studies which do exist all suffer from the same flaw: raw data is gathered eclectically from ... various and, at times, incompatible sources. Rarely is enough of the context provided to allow fruitful comparison. Proposed here is an analysis outline, which, when applied to a set of vampire data, will allow its fruitful comparison with a similarly derived set. The analysis outline consists of ten items: 1. Information Source — This might be a folklore or anthropological field report, a folk tale, a proverb, a court record, a newspaper article, a traveler's eyewitness account, a Christian polemic, or some other source. If the source is published, knowledge of the author's credentials and the date of publication are essential. 2. Country and Region — Vampire belief varies not only from country to country, but even from village to village. In addition, it sometimes happens that vampire beliefs are held only by a minority group within a given country. 3. Name — The various designations for the vampire should be carefully listed with literal English translations, since the very name frequently provides a clue to the belief structure. 4. Origin — How did the vampire become a vampire? Is the malady endemic or epidemic? 5. Detection — How is the vampire discovered? Can he be detected before he attacks or only after there is a victim?6. Attributes — What are his distinguishing characteristics? First and foremost, is he alive or dead? Does he show contamination from other daemons: werewolf, succuba, poltergeist, ghoul, etc.? 7. Activity Pattern — How does he ply his trade? Which sort of sustenance does he require: blood, flesh, other? 8. Precautions — Once it is known that there is a vampire, what can be done to protect oneself? 9.Cures - Which are the final measures to be taken to rid oneself of the pest? 10. Social/Psychological Role — Does he enfranchise anomalous members of the society? Does he anthropomorphize repressed fears and desires? [Show More]

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