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South University- NSG 6020 Week 10 Study Guide Neuro Question And Answers| Rated A

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NSG 6020 Week 10 study guide neuro When upper motor neurons are damaged above the cross over of its tracts, motor impairments develops on the opposite side - Postural tremors occur when a person ... is An example of proximal weakness Palate fails to rise with a bilateral lesion of Unilateral absence of gag reflex indicates a lesion at A discriminative sensation that describes the ability to identify a number drawn in the hand when the patients eye are closed IDENTIFY AN OBJECT BY FEELING Sweating, palpitation, hunger, tremors indicates What cranial nerve is tested when you have the patient raise eyebrows, frown, and smile Hyperalgesia A neurological assessment to evaluate neurological input into the cerebellum What test determines level of consciousness What test indicates upper motor neuron disease in the pyramidal tract Involuntary movements that involve larger parts of the body, including the trunk, grotesque, twisted postures may result ABSENCE OF LOSS OF CONTROL OF VOLUNTARY MOVEMENT [Show More]

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