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NR 503 Week 3 Discussion: Chronic Health and Occupational Health Articles

● DISCUSSIONS WEEK 3: DISCUSSION- EPIDEMIOLOGICAL METHODS AND MEASUREMENTS Utilizing the list below, choose two research methods. Next, find two articles, one on each of the chosen methods, from t... he Chamberlain College library, or you may use one that is provided within the course and one you find from the library. The articles should be related to population health and infectious disease, chronic health, occupational health, global health, genomics, or environmental health: Randomized Control Trial Cohort Study Case-Control Study Cross-Sectional Read each article and answer the following questions for each article: Does the study design specify a question, goal, of the study? Explain the methodology (Randomized Control Trial, Cohort Study, Case-Control Study). Describe the participant information, include recruitment. Is selection bias present? How is data collected? Are the variables identified? If yes, discuss. If no, how does this impact your interpretation of the study? How was the data analyzed, what statistics are provided? What are potential errors related to the study design? What are the weaknesses of the type of study design/method? Discuss the outcomes and the implications for implementation. Post your analysis of the research studies to the DB. Your analysis should have in-text citations and utilize a scholarly voice with APA formatting. You may choose to write a Word doc and upload your doc to the discussion board for this week. Respond to a total of two posts; either two (2) peer posts or a peer and faculty post, with a minimum of one paragraph of 4-5 sentences for each of their articles. Your reply post should integrate in-text citation(s) and be formatted with APA and a scholarly voice. Threaded Discussion Rubric located in Course Resources. My Responses: Total Responses: Number of Unread: 1 39 25 REPLY Jan 21 1 Ashley Bogue The first article is a cross-sectional analysis of the relationship between skipping breakfast and obesity in the elderly. The study design does speci The first article is a cross-sectional analysis of the relationship between skipping breakfast and obesity in the elderly. The study design does specify a study, which is the relationship between skipping breakfast and obesity in the elderly. The methodology for this study is a cross-sectional. This type of study tends to be observational that analyzes data from a population. The participants for this study originally included 1052 community dwelling elderly with 75 of those participants excluded due to missing information for the study. All participants were greater or equal to sixty years of age and were voluntarily enrolled. The study measured breakfast status, subjective and objective physical activity, self-reported diet quality and body mass index (BMI) (Otaki, 2017). The article did not specify exactly how the participants were recruited. Selection bias was not present by the information that was given of the study. The data was collected differently for each measurable outcome. In order for the BMI to be obtained the participants were measured in a standing position and then the BMI was calculated. A self-questionnaire was administered asking questions about the number of days a week the participants skipped breakfast. [Show More]

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