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NR 327 Chapter 08: Psychosocial Adaptations to Pregnancy | Nursing Test Banks

Chapter 08: Psychosocial Adaptations to Pregnancy Chapter 08: Psychosocial Adaptations to Pregnancy MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. Which comment made by a client in her first trimester indicates ambivalent fee... lings? a. “My body is changing so quickly.” b. “I haven’t felt well since this pregnancy began.” c. “I’m concerned about the amount of weight I’ve gained.” d. “I wanted to become pregnant, but I’m scared about being a mother.” ANS: D Ambivalence refers to conflicting feelings. Expressing a concern about being a mother indicates conflicting or ambivalent feelings. Not feeling well since the pregnancy began does not reflect conflicting feelings. The woman is trying to confirm the pregnancy when she is stating the rapid changes to her body. She is not expressing conflicting feelings. By expressing concerns over gaining weight, which is normal, the woman is trying to confirm the pregnancy. PTS: 1 DIF: Cognitive Level: Analysis REF: 124 OBJ: Nursing Process Step: Assessment MSC: Client Needs: Health Promotion and Maintenance 9/1/2017 Chapter 08: Psychosocial Adaptations to Pregnancy | Nursing Test Banks 2/18 2. A client who is 7 months pregnant states, “I’m worried that something will happen to my baby.” Which is the nurse’s best response? a. “Your baby is doing fine.” b. “Tell me about your concerns.” c. “There is nothing to worry about.” d. “The doctor is taking good care of you and your baby.” ANS: B Encouraging the client to discuss her feelings is the best approach. The nurse should not disregard or belittle the client’s feelings. Responding that your baby is doing fine disregards the client’s feelings and treats them as unimportant. Responding that there is nothing to worry about does not answer the client’s concerns. Saying that the doctor is taking good care of you and your baby is belittling the client’s concerns. [Show More]

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