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BUSI 1002 Week 5 Quiz Intro to Management and Leadership (Latest, 2020) walden university

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BUSI 1002 Week 5 Quiz Intro to Management and Leadership (Latest, 2020) walden university 1. Which of the following is an example of the coercive power of a manager? 3 points QUESTION 2 1. ... According to the trait model, which of the following trait of leadership helps managers avoid acting selfishly, control their feelings, and admit when they have made a mistake? 3 points QUESTION 3 1. Which of the following is NOT a potential leadership substitute? 3 points QUESTION 4 1. Which of the following should managers do to take advantage of the potential for synergy in groups? 3 points QUESTION 5 1. When there is high conformity and low deviance in a group, the group's performance is likely to be: 3 points QUESTION 6 1. A member of a task force does not do much work related to the goals of the task force. This member is confident that the other members of the task force "will take up the slack." This group member is exhibiting: 3 points QUESTION 7 1. A software firm as an opening for a software programmer. The HR manager of the firm is trying to list all the tasks, duties, and responsibilities that make up a software programmers job. He then lists the knowledge, skills, and abilities that a candidate should posses in order for him/her to perform the job. Which of the following best describes what the HR manager is doing? 3 points QUESTION 8 1. Katy is a manager in a large restaurant chain. She wants to use situational interview questions while interviewing candidates for the post of servers. Which of the following question would she ask? 3 points QUESTION 9 1. Which of the following best explains the process in which a manager evaluates the performance of a subordinate in terms of the actual outcomes of the work behaviors of that subordinate? 3 points QUESTION 10 1. Which of the following is the most likely reason that unions exist? [Show More]

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