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Florida Atlantic University - PHY 2048L Physics Lab 12: PHY 2048L: Experiment 12: Vibrating String. Study the relationship between tension, frequency, and wavelength of the string in which the waves are produced.

PHY 2048L: Experiment 12: Vibrating String Lab Section:018 Instructor: Afrouz Ataei Purpose: The purpose of this experiment was to study the relationship between tension, frequency, and waveleng... th of the string in which the waves are produced. Theory: For a standing wave, a simple sine wave traveling along a string can be described by the equation y1=Asin (kx-wt). Y1 represents the displacement of the particles on the string, A is the amplitude, w is the angular frequency, and f is the natural frequency of the wave. The speed of the wave is given by the formula v = f. λ. If the string is fixed at one end, then the wave will reflect back and interfere with the original wave. The equation of the reflected wave is y2=Asin(kx-wt). If we assume that the elastic limit of the wave is not exceeded, the resultant waveform will end up being the sum of the two waves, y1+y2. The waveform is called a standing wave because there is no propagation of the waveform going along the string. The points of maximum displacement are called antinodes and the points if zero displacement are called nodes. When at certain frequencies of oscillation, the reflected waves are in place and then results a very high amplitude standing wave. These frequencies are what is called resonance frequencies. Resonance occurs when λn=2L/n where n is the number of segments. Procedure: For measurement 1, the measure of tension will be calculated as a function of frequency while keeping the standing waveform with 2 segments. [Show More]

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