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Florida Atlantic University - PHY 2048LExperiment 6 Lab Report

Purpose The purpose of this experiment is to verify energy conservation law when the potential energy of a ball is converted to its kinetic energy. The elastic and inelastic collisions between two ba... lls will also be studied. Equipment A pair of metal balls, a pair of velcro pads, two photogates (PASCO Assembly No 0003-06268), vernier calipers, 15 cm ruler, balance, 850 Universal Interface, computer, AstroBlaster. Theory The following experiment explores the conservation of momentum and energy in a closed physical system. Two steel balls were used to deduce the potential momentum and kinetic with the following formulas: Procedure 1. Measure the mass m and the diameter d of the steel ball. Repeat with velcro pad. Record. 2. Set up PASCO 850 Interface and make sure it is ready to record data. 3. Carry out experiment for elastic collision. Repeat to collect total 5 sets of data. Record. 4. Carry out experiment for inelastic collision. Repeat until 5 good sets of data are obtained. 5. Modify table to display all sets of data. Print. [Show More]

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