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Florida Atlantic University - PHY 2048LExperiment 9 Lab Report: PHY2048L 007 Experiment 9: Buoyant Force

PHY2048L 007 Experiment 9: Buoyant Force March 28, 2019 Purpose The purpose of this experiment is to determine the density of an object using the Archimede’s principle. Equipment High... resolution force sensor (PS-2189), base and support rod, clamp, 1000 ml beaker, lab jack, string, paper towel, calipers, 20 g mass, 500 g mass with hanger, brass cylinder with slot (object 1), a chunk of metal with irregular shape (object 2), a plastic block, salt, balance, 850 universal interface, computer. Theory According to “Archimedes” principle, the buoyant force F_b on an object submerged in a fluid is equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object: F_b=ρ_f Vg, where ρ_f is the density of the fluid, V is the volume of the object that is submerged, and g is the acceleration due to gravity. Therefore the volume is determined by The buoyant force can be found by measuring the difference of the weight of the object in the air (W_a) and in the fluid (W_f): The density D (kg/m^3) of the object can be determined using equation (1) if ρ_f or V is known: Inversely, unknown ρ_f can be determined by known D: (3) The density of the plastic block is: Procedure 1. Fill a 1000 cc beaker with 990 cc water. Add 10 g salt into the beaker. Stir. 2. Measure object 1, the sinker, and plastic block. Calculate volume. Record. 3. Setup apparatus and plug Force Sensor into PASPORT inputs on the 850 Interface. 4. Setup PASCO 850 Interface to record data. 5. Perform experiment for each of the four measurements. Record. Measurements to be done: Measurement #1: Measure the density of object 1 (brass cylinder with slot in Fig. 1). Measurement #2: Measure the density of object 2 (a chunk of metal with irregular shape). Measurement #3: Measure the density of salt water. Measurement #4: Measure the density of a plastic block. [Show More]

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