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Female Reproductive Notes: Anatomy Final Notes – Female Reproductive System: Notes with graphical illustrations and an easy and fast to read layout.

Female Reproductive Notes: Anatomy Final Notes – Female Reproductive System Reproductive System Comparisons Similarities -Gonads located in the ovaries that produce: -gametes Differences -all ... gametes are developed before you are born, males don’t start producing sperm till puberty -male ejaculate several hundred million sperm, women ovulate one ovum Reproductive Structures Primary Sex Organs -gonads (ovaries) Secondary Sex Organs -successful fertilization and development - Ovaries -Upper pelvic cavity intraperitoneal - Attachments Broad Ligament -parietal peritoneum Ovary – Internal Structure Cortex – all of the developing follicles Uterine Tubes Ampulla – where the sperm and egg meet to make a zygote 9/10 times, occurs other places 1/10 times Blood Supply Ovarian Artery -travels in the suspensory ligament of the ovary - Uterus – Gross Anatomy Uterine Horn – where urterine tube enters Cancer of the Cervix -sixth most common disease in women -slow growing disease - Uterine Wall Perimetrium -outer serous layer (same as visceral peritoneum) -vesicouterine pouch (between bladder and uterus) - Vagina Functions -Excretory duct for passage of menses The Grafenberg Spot (g-spot) -an erogenous zone approx. 5 cm from the vaginal orifice Vulva – External Genitalia Mons Pubis -anterior to pubic symphysis -adipose tissue -covers symphysis -cushioning during colitis Labia Majora Mammary Glands -modified sweat glands -surface location: Blood Supply Internal Thoracic Artery - -branches off the axillary (same as subclavian just switches once armpit region) Breast Cancer -second-leading cause of death from cancer The Breast -four quadrants -for anatomical location and description of tumours Lymphatic Drainage -Many nodes at axillary or parasternal or cervical Female Sexual Arousal -similar autonomic responses as males (parasympathetic for arousal than sympathetic) -clitoris – engorges with blood Oogenesis – Introduction -development of the egg – begins when you are born Fetal Period Ovarian Cycle -monthly series of events associated with maturation of an oocyte -two phases: Uterine Cycle Menstrual Phase -Days 1-5 -Uterus sheds most of endometrial lining -Functionalis layer detaches from uterine wall resulting in bleeding [Show More]

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